We are young but bold

What We Do

Machine Learning

Expertise in all types of Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Classification techniques such as SVMs, k-Means, etc.
All our Algorithms are developed from scratch and in-house.
We make sure to match your needs.

Computer Vision

Image Annotation, Image Segmentation, Objects Detection... we are experts in Digital Image/Video Processing, and Medical Image Processing for Web, Desk Top and Mobile Applications.
We Deliver high quality customised solutions.

Data Science

Either for Clustering, Classification, or Prediction purpose, we handle all types of data. We perform Data Segmentation, Data Analytics, Data Cartography and Exploration. We help our clients turn their data into Information, Knowledge and Intelligence.

We don’t hide, we stand tall in front of chalenges

SPIKE-X Tunisia, comes in response to face today’s rapidly changing needs and quickly moving technologies requiring intelligent software that provide decision support solutions allowing to better understand, predict and influence human decision making of large groups and populations.
Drawn from years of applied academic state-of-the-art R&D in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Neuro-Computing, Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and embedded systems, SPIKE-X is, in Africa, the first developer of intelligent software solutions based on human brain-like reasoning and information processing capabilities.
SPIKE-X is a leader in innovative quality healthcare, e-Health and m-Health, and, Intelligent Security such as Intrusion Detection System, Access Control, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Retail Analytics.

Tunis Office

1F Room B131, El Ghazala TECHNOPARK, Ariana 2088,
cell: +216-99 44 80 35