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MAMMO-X, the first online CAD, with innovative technology focused on the detection and characterization of breast micro-calcifications at a very early stage (0.2-0.8mm). It is equipment independent with no biding constraints to any imagery equipment maker. Radiologists spend an extended amount of time performing multiple reads of patients mammograms. This is both costly and time consuming. To address this issue we developed a Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) and Diagnosis (CADx) solutions for the identification of micro-calcifications, the very early stage of breast cancer. Implementing this new technology at Breast Care Centers, greatly reduces screening time for patients and increases centers productivity. Our solutions enhance performance, improve patient confidence and reduce variability due to fatigue, distraction or workload. Furthermore, MAMMO-X facilitate the systematic use of ICT tool in breast cancer screening programs across the world, by overcoming the price, as well as the integration and ease-of-use barriers that today still hamper the wide uptake of such software toolsin clinical settings. MAMMO-X is an affordable, equipment independent and DICOM format fully compliant medical image exploration and exchange solution. No specific hardware is needed nor will it be developed for its deployment, which can run on any PC of reasonable processing power, using DICOM images.